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Monday, February 13, 2006

The Bridal Expo...

On Sunday, mom and I got to attend the Bridal Expo at the convention center. We had grand hopes of meeting with the coordinator of the botanical garden and meeting caterers. Unfortunately, the DBG rep wasn't there and only one of the caterers. Despite this slight setback, we had a great time!

The first big score of the day was when we met a guitar and cello duet called Newton's Theorum. They have a modern yet classical sound that will be perfect for the ceremony and reception. It will be very sweet without over powering in the quiet garden.

The next big score was at the Kabloom flower booth. I found the prettiest bouquet that is reminicent of wildflowers and a matching thistle boutineer. I love the color and the style. I think they will be beautiful in the outdoor garden setting!

After that, we had the luck to stop by Dolce salon where they did my hair! I didn't know that my hair was long enough to have an updo, but they did an amazing job! It was so cute!!! I've never had my hair look so fancy before! Usually it's stick straight and down. Now I'm really excited for my hair trial! (I think I just may end up using Dolce, even though they are expensive! We'll have to see.)

The expo was a lot of fun and we got so good resources.


Blogger Lizz said...

Hey! You are *so* cute! I lovethe hair from the Expo! I'm going to one (my first) next weekend... should be fun!
~Lizz from 2Peas

10:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi - you're hair looked really nice and I love the dress you finally chose.

Did you go to the Expo at the LA convention? My son has a video business and was a vendor there.

Reel Live Pictures.
They have a website leave out one of the "l's"

have a wonderful wedding,

2:43 PM  

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