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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Dress shopping - take 2!!!

We had pretty good luck shopping at David's, but were really interested in trying on dresses at a *real* salon. So, Daniela, Claire and I ventured up to Ventura for another chance at finding "the PERFECT dress."

Our first stop was at a Bridal Warehouse. We found a couple of pretty things, but mostly I was disappointed. I really don't like lots of beading and embellishement on a dress. The simpler the better in my opinion. I want it to be all about the fit, the drape and the shape. That's what really makes a dress beautiful to me. I had trouble finding a dress in the entire warehouse that wasn't dripping in sparkles. (I reserve those to me left hand!) So I used the opportunity to try on different shapes of dresses. I decided that I didn't really like a halter, nor a mermaid shape. I really really like A-line shaped dresses. This 1st place wouldn't let us take pictures.

Next, we went to a nicer salon called Lilli's. It was alright. There were lots of expensive dresses, but again I felt many of them were over embellished. Daniela tried on a whole slew of dresses and really varied through different styles. She had fun trying some stuff that was there because of a trunk show with its designer. Here is my favorite dress of the day. It was pretty and silk. Once again, I loved the colored sash. Very pretty, but I didn't like it as much the next time I saw it in pictures.


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