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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Nope, no dress yet again!

After venue search, Marji and Aidan met up with me and Mom and Suzanne's Bridal. Mom had received really good recommendations about the salon so I was excited to see what they had. (I was even more excited to try on dresses with my mom there!) They had some pretty dresses, but nothing that really spoke to me. Mom really wanted me to find a dress with some sort of straps. I don't mind the idea but with so many strapless dresses on the market right now it's hard to find a dress with straps!

Dress 1: This was my mom's (and possibly mine too) favorite dress of the day. The sample was multicolored, but I would order it in white. It was pretty with a sheer top and simple dress, but it didn't really speak to me. In addition, I didn't really like the shape of the bustline. I'm sure that could be fixed with alterations, but I don't necessarily trust that it would be perfect.

Dress 2: Can you say big butt bow three times fast? No further comment.

Dress 3: Fluffy and floaty. Perfect for some other springtime bride!

Dress 4: I really liked the back of the dress and the way the sash sat low across my hips. I don't think the look of the dress is right for my wedding, though. It was too renissancey for me.

Dress 5: A sparkly variation of the sash dress. I didn't mind the sparkly part, like the buttons, like the color, but the neck was just too high. Perhaps if the back was a V like #4 or if it was cut lower in the front, but I didn't find it to be very flattering. I think my mom liked how conservative it was. I was just suprised that I liked the sparkles at all!

Overall, it was a lot of fun trying on dresses. I liked a lot of what I tried, but just didn't find "the ONE!" hehe... lots more time to shop! :)


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