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Sunday, February 12, 2006

The RING!!!

Matt proposed on December 18th, 2005. It wasn't the most magnificent proposal, but it is certainly the most AMAZING ring known to man! He bought it off the internet (the haven of good deals for our generation) and had it custom made by a company called Whiteflash. They did an amazing job.

The first step in designing an amazing ring consists of having them create a wax which will be used as a mold to cast the platinum ring. The prongs on the image are large than they eventually ended up so the jewler would have some metal to use to set the diamonds.

After Matt approved the wax, they sent him pictures of the ring. (Which he showed to a ton of people at work and they oooed and awwwed before I even knew the ring existed!) Here is a pic sent from Whiteflash. Isn't it amazing how the diamonds look surrounded by platinum???

So, Matt had the ring in his hot little hands as of Friday, 12/16 but wasn't able to propose that night because I was in a HORRIBLE mood and in the middle of a fight with Diego over the STM. We already had plans for that night and for Saturday night, so he held out on me for 2 days before he finally got around to proposing. It was just a quiet Sunday night and we had just gotten back from the petstore to get Henry some catfood. We were cuddling on the couch enjoying the Christmas tree when he asked if I wanted a cookie. Of course I said no. I wasn't really hungry. He gave me an awful look, and I figured he was just goofing because he wanted a reason to have one himself. Of course, I highly suspected that something was up and reluctently agreed to a cookie and looked in the cookie box. Sitting right on top was a pretty little black ringbox. Matt took it from me and got down on one knee. My heart was racing. He then fell over right on his bum. After a good laugh, he got right back up and said the sweetest things... of course I said, "YES!"

Here are a couple of pics:


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