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Sunday, February 12, 2006

The search for the perfect dress...

So, I had the opportunity to go dress shopping for the 1st time with Claire and Daniela. Our first stop was David's Bridal as it a warehouse full of dresses. We had a pretty good experience there. It was a bit overwhelming and industrial but I really appreciated the selection of dresses and the variety of sizes.

This was the first dress I tried on and my favorite of the day. I really like the simplicity of the dress with the splash of color on the sash. Unfortunately, the dress wasn't especially well made or a flattering shape. However, I definately will keep this image in my head as a favorite concept!

The next dress I tried is the ribbon dress. It was pretty but not really flattering.

I really like the idea of color on a dress (just a touch) so the next dress I tried was the typical banded colored dress with a corset back. You see it everywhere now, but I wasn't really impressed by the dress.

So, I was supposed to be done after #3 but I snuck in a fourth. It was the dress with the side gathers that you see everywhere. Often it is paired with tons of sparkles, but this one was very plain. I wasn't impressed by the quality at all. It didn't seem well made and the fabric was course.


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