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Monday, February 13, 2006

So... where at the botanical garden?!?!?

So, when I visited the Desert Botanical with my mom I fell in love with the site. It's so pretty and polished while still being natural desert. Now, there were three venues at the garden where you can host a wedding.

1. Ullman Terrace - This seems to be the most popular wedding location because you can host both the ceremony and reception at the same site. There is a giant butte that is right behind the ceremony site that they light up at night and it's supposed to be very pretty. Mom and I both felt that the space for the chairs felt a little small and it seemed like the dinner tables would be spread out and isolated. I don't know if it will feel this way when it's set up for a wedding, but that was our first impression. The trees were really pretty, but they did seem to divide up the site. There was a really pretty courtyard that can be used for cocktail hour, but it again was divided up by plants.

2. Dorrance Hall/Boppart Courtyard - This site was would just be for the reception and cocktail hour. The ceremony would be held elsewhere. So this site is in the center of the garden and thus feels much more developed. There is not a good open view of the landscape but is isolated by a wall of plants. Dorrance Hall is a rather large ballroom which could easily host both a ceremony and reception in the event of inclement weather. If the weather was nice, Boppart Courtyard could hold people for both cocktail hour and dinner. This site would have plenty of space, but it wasn't as pretty as the others. I'm not sure if I would miss the view, as the reception would be after dark anyways.
3. Binns Wildflower Pavillion - Our favorite site there was the wildflower pavilion. It is completely surrounded by desert and overlooking a big red butte. It is covered, while being open air and is circular to bring all of the guests into one cohesive space. There are really cute iron stars hanging from the ceiling that light up at night. I'm sure they'll cast a romatic glow. However, I'm a bit worried that the space will be too cramped if we have 100+ guests. It would probably be ideal for ~80 people. Unfortunately, there is no good way of guessing how many people will actually make the trip to Phoenix. If we do have fewer than 100 guests, the other sites may feel too big and this would be perfect. If we have 100+ guests, there may be a few banished to the bushes! We're going to have to go back and measure to figure out exactly how many tables will fit in the pavillion.

4. The amphitheater - I *LOVE* this space for the ceremony. It is very intimate and quiet. It seems like the perfect place to marry the man of my dreams. I can completely envision walking into the amphitheater surrounded by my friends and family and see the love of my life standing at the alter. I can hear the classical guitar and cello duet playing sweetly and feeling tears on my cheeks. It really is the PERFECT site! :)

So, since I want to get married in the amphitheater, I now need to decide between the slightly small Wildflower Pavillion and the roomy (and potentially drafty) Boppart Courtyard. Decisions decisions! Any comments?


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