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Friday, February 24, 2006

Sunday and Monday in Phoenix

In addition to having Matt scope out the botanical garden, we also took the time while we were home to talk to Kabloom and Heidi's Catering.

Alan, the general manager at Kabloom, did a great job talking to us about flowers for the wedding. I loved the bouquet that he made for the bridal expo and was very excited to find out that his store is only about a mile from my parent's house in Chandler. He went through the list of bouquets that we'd need, rose boutineers for the dads, thistle for Matt, and flowers for the groomsmen. He also was thoughtful enough to realize that we should make the mothers/grandmothers flowers more neutral (ie not peach or orange) because we don't know what they'll be wearing. I liked his idea to go with an antique gold ribbon on the bouquet. It looks great with the orange. Finally, he gave us a free bouquet to take home. It was a good meeting. The only thing we need to figure out is if we need to get an arch from them, or if we should go with something else. The price he gave us was a bit higher than I'd like to spend.

After Kabloom, Mom and I visited AZ Cactus Sales to see what is available in potted plants. The garden is very strict and only allows potted plants from select vendors. We found some good ideas for table centerpieces that we could put together ourselves.

At Heidi's Catering, she went through the flow of the whole wedding reception. She's hosted many receptions at the Wildflower Pavillion and had a good idea how things should be staged. We're leaning towards a buffet with some sort of appetizers beforehand. Her basic package seemed reasonable. However, it seems like you could really up the price of the event with rentals such as nicer chairs, tablecloths, and place settings. For just a tableclothe upgrade she was quoting prices of $39/table. That's outrageous! You can easily buy/make tablecloths for that price.

After Heidi's, Mom and inspired and took us to a discount fabric store. There were some laughable fabrics (no fur on the dinner table!) but we found some colors that we liked. I would really like to use some shade of green, but it's tricky to find something that doesn't look too seafoamy for the garden but still looks suitable for spring. After pairing several fabrics, I really like it paired with a coppery orange, ivory and black. I think these colors would look good without looking like fall or out of place. However, I'm still tempted to go with more natural fabrics such as burlap and linen. I love the shades of tan on tan. Mom keeps telling me, "You can have a brown wedding if that's what you really want!" lol. I don't want a brown wedding, but I don't feel the need to try to compete with nature. The setting is pretty all on its own!


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