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Sunday, February 12, 2006

The venue search...

So, I had the chance to visit Phoenix a couple of weeks ago for some intensive wedding planning with my mom. It was the BEST weeked.

We started out the weekend with tour of venues in the valley.

1st: An 8 am stop (with Starbucks!) at the Desert Botanical Garden. It was a bit chilly, but the staff was plenty warm. The whole place was just beautiful! Matt and I would really like to get married among cacti. I think our guests would really get a kick out of the desert setting as they will mostly be flying in from the snow covered east coast. I think Phoenix in March will be really lovely! The garden was covered in different types of cacti and dominated by red rocky bluffs. We really liked the Wildflower Pavillion and the Amphitheater for the reception and ceremony, respectively.

#2. Next we went to visit the Arizona Commerative Airforce Museum. I could totally envision a reception here complete with a retro dress and big band. It was really fun to see the airplanes taking off. I'm sure this is someplace we'll go back to visit, but I didn't really see a good place to have a ceremony. I really would like to have the whole event in the same location as the reception so that my out of town guests don't have to bother navigating a strange city.

#3. After that Mom and I stopped at the Wright House, a venue recommended by one of the baby teachers who works with my mom. Imagine a funeral parlor..... 'nuff said.

#4. We had a quick lunch and then headed up to Red Mountain Country Club. It was a nice place and we enjoyed meeting with the coordinator and the place was pretty. However, the event hall didn't really seem big enough and it was very generic. It didn't really speak to either of us.

#5. Next up was The Farm at South Mountain. I had high hopes for this venue as it looked lovely in the pictures. Unfortunately, it was more than a little too rought around the edges. Can you spot the dumpster in the picture?

Final verdict???? THE DESERT BOTANICAL GARDEN!!! I just love it there. So pretty and peaceful. It's the perfect location!


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