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Friday, March 10, 2006

Planning the Ceremony...

The last time I was home, Mom started teasing Matt and I that we were going to have a 5 minute long wedding ceremony. Now, I don't really want to have a LONG ceremony, but something reasonable. However, Matt and I both dislike the idea of having a unity candle at our ceremony. It seems like a very trite and manufactured tradition to me. We also are hoping to ask someone in our families to officiate. I don't want to hire a stranger, who I've met only once, to marry us. I would much prefer to have someone whose name I will remember for a long time do the honor. Between these to essential clauses, Mom was convinced the ceremony was going to be shorter-than-short.

So anyways, Matt and I started thinking about how we'd like the ceremony to go and we found this awesome book called "The Wedding Ceremony Planner" by Judith Johnson. In the book she goes through everything from how to have people enter and where they should stand to the wording of the ceremony. My favorite parts of the book are reading the different sections of the ceremony where she has included many different ways of performing the same thing (ie the ring exchange) and you can see how even very small changes in the wording of the text make a HUGE difference in the meaning and feel of the text. I think we're going to have a lot of fun writing our ceremony using stuff from this book. We will still need to find another reference to find a couple of readings, but I feel like we have a good base now. It seems really sad to me now how many couples leave the ceremony text up to the officiant. So much can be done (even while keeping things traditional) to add a bunch of meaning to the ceremony. This book is excellent if you have a wedding to write. I definately recommend it.


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