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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

The site is *REALLY* booked!

I've called the wedding coordinator at the Desert Botanical Garden daily for the past 2 weeks to see if they had received our deposit and contract yet, only to have my phone messages ignored. I was getting a bit sick of calling, so yesterday morning I left a nice polite phone message that went something like this, "Hi Lindsey! This is Kirsten and I was wondering if you've received the contract and check for our March 17th, 2007 yet. It's been almost 3 weeks now, so if you haven't received it I should really cancel the check today in case it's been lost in the mail. If you could call me back and let me know before I call the bank, that would be great. Thanks a bunch!" Lol... so what do you know? An hour later my call is finally returned! I'd left nearly 10 messages and not until I leave a veiled threat is my call returned! (and promptly at that!)

None the less, our wedding is booked!!! March 17th, 2007 is our wedding day!!!! :)

Only 360 days to go! :)


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