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Friday, April 07, 2006

Choosing a Photographer

Matt and I are planning on driving to Phoenix in a couple of weeks to select a photographer and caterer. We have a limited list of caterers to choose from, but the list of photographers seems to be endless. Below is a list of photographers we are currently considering. I have a few I have to call to get more info and I will edit this post to update after I do so.

Here are a few we are considering:

1. Michelle Meyer - 2K for unlimited coverage with photographer and assistant, negatives + engagement session.

2. Frank Nickolls - $1500 for unlimited coverage, 1 photographer, negatives + engagement session

3. Allan Studios - $1295 for 6 hours of unlimite coverage, negatives.

4. Nelson's Wedding - $1295 for 6 hours, 2 photographers, web negatives, 200 4x6 prints

5. Heinz Photography - Call for pricing - experience at DBG

6. Kevin King - Already booked

7. Matt Kim - 2K for 6 hrs of coverage, 1 photographer, negatives (200 processed)

8. Focus Pocus - $995 for 6 hrs of coverage, 1 photographer, digital negatives.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another bride-to-be here in phoenix...would love to hear feedback on the photographers! :)

1:43 PM  

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