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Monday, April 03, 2006

The garden is in BLOOM!!!

Mom, Dad and Aidan visited the botanical garden last weekend (almost exactly one year from the wedding) and it was entirely in BLOOM! :) There are awesome orange flowers growing in the ampitheater and the wildflower pavillion is surrounded by white, yellow and blue flowers. It is soooooo pretty!!! I hope it is just like this next year. My Dad put all the photos on a website for people to see (link)

Here are a couple of my favorites!

The view the guests will see entering the amphitheater. Aren't the orange flowers awesome!?!

A close-up of the pretty orange flowers. They'll match my wedding bouquet perfectly! (You can see a photo of the one I like in the title bar of the blog)

A view of the inside of the amphitheater. You can see Dad and Aidan over in the corner. We were talking about getting an arch for the ceremony, but I think it might be too much with the flowers. Perhaps we'll just have a nice mat/runner to emphasize the ceremony location. (Matt wants a big red 'X' to stand on, lol)

Here's a shot of the wildflowers over by the reception site. I guess they call it the 'Wildflower Pavilion' for a reason, huh? This may not look very lush to you easterners, but it is pretty amazing for the desert in Phoenix! I hope it looks just like this next year.


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