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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Rusty Star Centerpieces

I just found this awesome website that sells tons of rusty stars. The ceiling of our reception pavillion has rusty stars which hang down and light up. I was thinking it would be fun to continue the star motif in the centerpieces. (sort of a desert night theme) We could punch star cutouts in luminarias along the pathways, as well.

Here is a picture of the ceiling of the reception pavilion. Aren't the stars cute?

Here are a couple pictures of the stars I found at Briar Hollow. I think they match the pavilion pretty well and are super affordable. I'm just a bit concerned that the stars may be too primative or rustic for a wedding. I think they could look pretty classy amongst candles or potted cacti. The garland could be used for the buffet and cake table. The theme could be toned down by using the star shaped dish to hold floating candles or flowers.

What do you think? Yea or Nay?


Blogger Leah said...

Love those rustic stars. Your engagement pictures are so sweet!

7:58 AM  
Blogger suburban mom said...

LOVE them :)

9:25 PM  

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