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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Save the Date Cards

When I spoke with Mom on Sunday she mentioned that we should get our Save-the-Date cards sent out in the next month or so. I haven't really seen anything I liked for a card, thus far. Most of them look like mini wedding invites and I'd rather stay away from that as I don't really know what I want my invites to look like. Instead I was thinking of doing a postcard to save on postage and to be a bit different.

Last night I was searching for postcards and found these images. I think they'd be great for my STD cards, but I can't find them for purchase online. I love how the cards are a bit retro and very "Arizona," as the desert will probably be the over riding theme in the wedding decorations. **If you know where to get an Arizona or Phoenix Postcard like this, please let me know!!!**

Getting frustrated, I ended up posting on my scrapbooking site for ideas. A couple suggested making my own image and having them printed and I may still do that, but I doubt my photoshop skills. Another person suggested an awesome postcard store in San Francisco called Quantity Postcards. They have a great selection including STD cards and older postcards. I don't see a phoenix or arizona card on their site, but they do have Tuscon so I will email them. From that site I can either have a STD printed like the Florida one shown ($1.50 each) or I could purchase a non-personalized card ($4.80/12). Definate possibilities! :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi K. Have you looked in card stores, even UCLA bookshop, for this type of postcard? I swear I have seen this type around. Maybe in a trendy, hip card store in Hollywood or Santa Monica. If you can find something similar you could track down the company and order a bunch. I'll look on my travels too. XO Boog

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