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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Weekend Plans...

So, our weekend is booked. We leave for Phoenix tomorrow morning bright and early. Estimated TOD (time of departure) is 4:30 AM. That should put us in Phoenix before noon. If Matt complains too loudly tonight, perhaps we'll push it back until 5:30.... we'll see...

Here's the breakdown of the weekend.

- Appointment #1: 2 PM, Fabulous Foods
- Appointment #2: 3:30 PM, Arizona Taste
- After that appointment I really want to return to the DBG as our site will be set up for a 109 person wedding catered by Fabulous Foods.
- Dinner with the folks!

- Appointment #3: 9 AM, Michaels Restaurant
- Appointment #4: 11 AM, Photographer Wes Johnson
- Appointment #5: 1 PM, Atlasta Catering
- Check out some local hotels for rates and blocks of rooms
- Appointment #6: 9-12 PM, Newton's Theorem Concert

- Appointment #7: 10 AM, Kerry Allen Photography
- Appointment #8: Noon, Michelle Meyer Photography
- Drive back to LA!!!

It should be a super busy weekend getting everything done. Wish us luck getting it all done!


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