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Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Last time we were back in Phoenix we met with a bunch of caterers and whittled the list down to our top two, Atlasta and Arizona Taste.

On the list:
Atlasta - They were incredibly accomidating and met us a block from the house. They also have excellent prices and we really enjoying talking with Kristin. Only wants a 25% deposit.

Arizona Tasta - was also great. When we sat down at their office they immediately served us water with lemon and continued to refill our glasses throughout the meeting (great service!). Their prices are comparable to Atlasta and we like their menus. We also have heard several good reviews of AZ Taste. Wants a 50% deposit.

Off the list:
Heidi's - Seems to want to overcharge for rental upgrades. Not as flexible and seems to want things a certain way. Didn't like the menu as much.

Michael's - Very cool restaurant, but just a bit too pricey for us.

Fabulous Foods - They met us at the garden to talk and it was okay. I think they're prices are a bit higher than AZ Taste and Atlasta. We also didn't get as good a feeling from them.

We just emailed Atlasta tonight for some more info and we'll be putting down our deposit later this week. Very exciting (and expensive!).


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