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Sunday, June 25, 2006

The top of the dress....

I've had a few people comment that they don't like the top of my dress. I think that is at least in part to the fact that in the pictures I posted, the top is HUGE. I was looking around Romona Keveza's website and found a picture of another dress with exactly the same top half as mine ending in the same sash. It gives a good idea of how the top of my dress should fit after alterations. It's not as dowdy as it looks in my pictures and the fabric is amazing.

Now that I have the dress... how about the hair! :)

I was looking online tonight to see if I could find a few hair inspiration pictures. At this point I feel like my dress has a pretty classic look and needs a pretty classic hair style. Nothing too modern, romantic or flirty. Right now my hair is permed curly and about shoulder lenghth. I'm trying to grow it out for the wedding, but I'm still unsure how long it will be in 8 months and 3 weeks. Eventually I'll have to consult with a hair dresser to see what they can do with my thin mop, but I can dream for now! (<-- Does it get any more classic than that? No tiara for me though!)

My favorite straight front and back (for now):

Here are a few more pretty straight hair options:

Here are a few nice options for curly hair, if my hair doesn't straighten well or needs a little more volume:

Finally, a couple of pictures where they added other things to the "do" to add a little more volume/interest:

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

the DRESS!!!

Last weekend, I took a trip down to Anaheim for the Making Memories Dress sale. They are a charity which takes donations of used dresses from brides and new dresses and samples from designers. They then resell these dresses for breast cancer research. It's a great cause.

Anways, Claire and I scoured the racks at the sale and there was a pretty big range of dresses. About 1/2 the dresses were brand new from designers and the other 1/2 were used. Some were very old and out of date, while others were current styles. I tried on abou 6 dresses but really fell in love with the first one! :) It is a 100% silk gown by Romona Keveza and a brand new sample. Unfortunately, it is a size 12 but I believe it can easily be altered because of the style of the top.

Rather than just post pics here, I am going to just post links so there is less of a chance that Matt should accidentally stumble upon the pics. Here they are: (just remember the top of the dress needs to be taken in about 6 inches)

The top

At the Sale
At the sale #2

Let me know what you think! :)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Less than 9 months and counting!!! I can't wait!

(oh, and I bought my dress too!!!!)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Fox News: Special Report!

In recent weeks, a video of a couple guys adding Mentos mints to Diet Coke has been circulating the internet. (View Here) Today, the hilarity was taken to a whole new level when Fox News called the chemistry department here at UCLA to do a special report on the dangers of drinking diet coke while eating mentos. (i.e. Can it make a person explode or do internal damage??? lol) Here's a spoof of this on the web. (View Here) After circulating around the department a bit, Steve and Cari jumped at the chance to do a demo on air or the mentos/diet coke experiment and educate the ditzy blond reporter.
So why does Diet Coke explode when Mentos are added?
It's simply a matter of surface area. Mentos have a very high surface roughness (or are "rugged" as described by the reporter) and this roughness serves as nucleation sites for the dissolved CO2 in the Diet Coke.

Here's a run down of the filming:

Steve confusing the heck out of the reporter with his dumped down scientific explination. She just wasn't going to get it, no matter what.

Filming more explinations by Steve.

Ognjen, Cari and Steve preparing the Mentos for addition to the Diet Coke while looking spiffy in their lab coats and CNSI goggles.

Explosion #1: 2 L of Diet Coke + 5 Mentos (the camera guy was too busy running from the soda to capture the explosion so they had to do it again)

The peanut gallery.

Explosion #2: 2L Diet Coke + 8 Mentos

The GRAND Finale: Steve drilled a small hole in the top of the bottle to act as a nozzle so the soda would spray higher. It shot ~ 15 feet in the air.

Cari filming the final wrap up.

So, if you're in the LA area be sure to tune into Fox News tonight at 10 PM! :)

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Another productive weekend in Phoenix!

Matt and I drove to Phoenix on Friday night to get a head start on our weekend of wedding fun. Overall, it was a great weekend and we got a ton done.

Here's a brief summary:

Photographers - Met with Tod O'Driscoll, Photography by Kristie and Liquid Shutter Photography. Were super impressed by Kristie and LS and are now trying to make our decision. Kristie takes great pictures, has guarenteed us an assistant and has slightly lower prices. Unfortunately, her package doesn't quite come with as much time as we'd like. LS also has very good photos, two shooters, and has offered to alter one of their packages to meet our needs. Now we just need to start bargining via email to see who can give us the best package.

DJs - We met with AZ Celebrity DJ and Cruizin' Tunes DJ. We really likes Cruizin' Tunes as he seemed down to earth and to "get" what we were looking for before we told him. I just want to ask a few more questions and get a couple of references before we book. DONE! :)

Cakes - I wanted to start our cake quest this weekend but didn't have much luck. I called Honeymoon Sweets and they said I could come in to visit in late July at the earliest. bleck... I also called Cathy's Rum Cakes and talked to Cathy and she said to come in anytime. No prob. When we got their we were met by a rude girl who was far far less than helpful. Not worth our trouble. I'll take my buisness elsewhere. I don't care what your cake tastes like! Time to start again! :P

Caterer - When I finally got a hold of Atlasta (our chosen caterer) on Friday after a week of unreturned phone calls and emails, I was informed that our contact person (Kristen) was no longer with the company as of Tuesday. From that statement she either quit or was fired but none the less Atlasta didn't have any of our contact info and asked that we send our proposal back to them. I totally should have deducted a little money as they can't keep their accounts straight. After a couple confusing phone calls on Friday, we were set on a Monday meeting with Steve. The meeting ended up going pretty well. Supposedly, Steve is the owner of the company despite only looking 30ish. He promised us that he will be handling our account from here on out and we won't be passed around. We were fairly satisfied and will probably be sending in a deposit this week.

Florist - On Monday, we got to meet with Alan at Kabloom in Chandler and once again were super pleased. He remembered our account and promptly changed our order slightly. I'm super excited for our flowers. They are so unique and pretty! :) We put down a deposit this weekend! DONE!

Dress - I was refered to Azteca Bridal Plaza by Marisa Bridal's vendor page and was nothing but disappointed when mom and I went to look for dresses. First of all, they don't actually carry Marisa dresses. In addition, I'm looking for something without tons of beading and of the 1000+ dresses in the shop we found a total of 3 which fit this criteria. Finally, the place was a madhouse with large crowds, screaming babies, disappearing staff, and a heartfelt rendition of "My Heart Will Go On" blasting from a DJ hocking their services. A definate skip.

Band - Monday morning we met Gary at Craftsmart (yes, this was his suggestion not ours!) and we gave him a deposit for our wedding. Their music will be awesome! :) DONE!
Overall a great weekend! :) Thanks Mom!

Monday, June 05, 2006

A new member of the family! :)

Matt and I got suckered by a cute face this weekend and adopted a very cute, 7 week old, male, tabby cat. He's the cutest thing ever! Now we just have to convince Henry of

Does anyone have name suggestions? I've voted for Winston. Matt likes Thor. We've also considered Dubrovnik, Ceasar, and Shoeless Joe (to continue the baseball theme).

Welcome to the family, bud!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Oodles of Stationary!

Since our Save-the-Date cards need to go out in the very very near future, I have had stationary on the brain. In many ways, I'd really like our invites and STD cards to coordinate, if not match (not that it matters to the rest of the world).

Here are a few more inspirational invites I saw in my web searching by Braun & Brown Designs:

The band.... Newton's Theorem

Last time we were back in Phoenix, Matt, Mom, Dad and I went up to Wrigley Mansion to hear Newton's Theorem play. The mansion is pretty neat, but we were really there for the band. Mom and I had heard them play at the wedding expo back in January and really liked what we heard. They play mostly their own stuff but will do a good grouping of covers, too. I think we're going to have them play the ceremony and for the cocktail hour before switching to a DJ for the rest of the night. I really love the cello and guitar sound. It is very classic without being snooty and fits perfectly with the laidback vibe of the garden. If you're interested, you can hear more of their music on their webpage.

Here is a link to a video I took of them at the expo (be sure to turn up the volume).

Photoshoot #2 - Urban Venice

Last Sunday, Matt and I had a ton of fun posing for another photoshoot with Amanda. We really enjoyed the pictures from the last shoot (as you can see from the many save-the-dates they've morphed into below) so I was very excited to try again.

Once again, I'm very impressed with her work. This set has a totally different feel than the last and I can't wait to see the rest of the photos. She has posted a small preview on her blog.

Here are my favorite three: