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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Now that I have the dress... how about the hair! :)

I was looking online tonight to see if I could find a few hair inspiration pictures. At this point I feel like my dress has a pretty classic look and needs a pretty classic hair style. Nothing too modern, romantic or flirty. Right now my hair is permed curly and about shoulder lenghth. I'm trying to grow it out for the wedding, but I'm still unsure how long it will be in 8 months and 3 weeks. Eventually I'll have to consult with a hair dresser to see what they can do with my thin mop, but I can dream for now! (<-- Does it get any more classic than that? No tiara for me though!)

My favorite straight front and back (for now):

Here are a few more pretty straight hair options:

Here are a few nice options for curly hair, if my hair doesn't straighten well or needs a little more volume:

Finally, a couple of pictures where they added other things to the "do" to add a little more volume/interest:


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