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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Hair and face shape

Seeing as it's a holiday and my fiance has skipped town leaving me all alone, I decided to play around with my hair to see what I like with my face shape. (Yes, I am a little psycho.) While I probably can't have a realistic hair trial until much closer to my wedding as I'm growning my hair longer, I will need to have some idea what I want to do with my hair so I can buy a veil. I tried a bunch of stuff, but here are pictures of my two favorite options for the front:

1. Side part with slight back poof to give height (but not too much as Matt is short)
2. All pulled straight back, but not too tight so there is still some volume

1. Long side part
2. Center part
3. Tightly pulled back
Now, I just have to figure out how I want to attach a veil to this hair style. I think I want it on top of my head (not coming from the bottom of the updo) but not too far forward. Perhaps something like the veil placement shown in these photos:


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