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Monday, July 31, 2006

Indian Feast and New Serving Set

Last night Matt and I went nuts cooking and made a whole slew of yummy goodies. We made three curried Indian dishes - curried Zuchini, creamy curry chicken, and rogan josh. We also made naan from scratch and a super yummy yoghurt sauce. For desert, I made strawberry mint ice cream and oatmeal rasin cookies. Matt also started making jerky for his hiking trip.

We had Chris over for dinner and I got to serve up the food in our newest estate sale find, a very vintage wooden serving set. All of the bowls are removable and they sit on a lazy susan. So fun! :)


Anonymous Qwendy said...

Uh.. you soooooo need to peamail your recipes! I make Naan all the time, but haven't perfected it. I love LOVE LOVE Indian food!

11:34 PM  

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