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Sunday, July 30, 2006

LA Garment District and Fabric District

Yesterday, Matt and I went downtown to check out the LA fabric, garment and flower district. It was a ton of fun with a touch of 3rd world flair.

We started out by parking in the garment district where I'd heard that many LA brides have gotten their bridesmaids dresses for $15 or so. There were heaps of stores carrying cheap polyester shirts, blue jeans for $2-3, and fake designer bags. Matt found a guy on the side of the street selling 48 socks for $10 that he bought (only to find out today that they are WAY too small for him so now I have 2 dozen pairs of cheap socks, lol).

In particular, I was amused by a store carrying a whole line of cheap blue jeans named after me. I was tempted to buy a pair for the novelty, but they were a little sketchy for my taste.

We did, however, find several bridal shops carrying a wide array of insanely brightly colored ballgowns with gobs of sequins, poofy white wedding dresses, and a large array of cheap satin bridesmaid dresses. It was a bit of a mob scene, but there was a small selection of tea length chocolate bridesmaids dresses at a few stores. Nothing had prices labeled, so I'm not sure what the dresses would have cost but they quality is probably similar to David's Bridal, barely adequate.

Of course at this point in our shopping, Matt decided it was time to buy a bacon wrapped hot dog from a sketchy street vendor. It's a good thing the boy has a stomach of steel.

Continuing on, we found several bridal warehouse type places selling vast assortments of wedding do-dads, tulle, and ribbon roses. Most of it was junk, but they did have elbow-length veils there for $15-$22. This price is a little less than ebay, so I may consider going back if I don't decide to make one.

While the garment section was a little disappointing, the fabric section had a ton of great stuff. Most non-upholstery fabrics were in the $1-3 per yard price range with 3-5 yard minimums. Some of the cotton prints were old and icky, but others were beautiful and pristine. There were lots of bead and trim stores. In fact, there was an entire street filled with bead stores. This should be a great place to come and get fabric for table runners or overlays for the wedding. I can't wait to bring my mom down. The quantity of fabric for sale really was astounding.

Before we left, Matt decided to pick up a movie from a street vendor. He kept swearing up and down that they were real copies stolen from a theater or something, but in the end it is just a guy in a theater with a video camera. lol.

Finally, on the way out we drove through the jewelry district. Fun fun! :P


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