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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Moving forward at warp speed...

Planning has been wizzing along at warp speed this week.

Thus far we have:
1. Received the save-the-date cards
2. Mailed out 80% of the STD cards
3. Updated the wedding website with hotel info
4. Booked a photographer
5. Hired a wedding coordinator!
6. Reserved a bunch of hotel rooms and started getting relatives to do the same!

On our short to-do list:
1. Find a seamstress for my dress alterations and make an appointment
2. Hire a DJ
3. Book a caterer
4. Send the rest of the STD's
5. Call bunches of friends an relatives and get them to book hotel rooms
6. Book my ticket back east to see the girls & bm dress shop! :)
7. Plan a trip back to Phoenix for planning
8. Make appointments at cakes, caterer, linens, coordinator, seamstress, and Dad's b-day in Phoenix
9. Scream! :P


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