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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Save-the-Dates are out!

Well, that's it folks! I just sent out the last major batch of STD's this morning so their safely in the hands of the US Postal Service. Perhaps there will be a couple more to send, but 99.9% are done!

Here's the final image. It's mostly the same as the last one I posted, except the proportions are slightly different for Vistaprint. The messed up the first batch of postcards as we looked like we had a horrible skin disease, but their customer service was excellent and the second batch is perfect.

Oh, I also bought my plane ticket to NH for August. I'll be there the weekend of August 25 and I can't wait to see Rach, Melissa, and Katie. It's unfortunate that Ash can't come, but we'll have to make plans for the future. It should be fun and hopefully we'll have some time to look for bridesmaid dresses! Very exciting!!!

Guess we're really getting married now, huh? :)


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