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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Tulle Skirt & Bustle

My dress has a tulle skirt and short train, so I've been looking around for pictures of bustle for this type of skirt before I meet with a seamstress. Thus far, the best pictures I've found have come from PrincessLizzy's knot bio. She has a bunch of cute pictures and, while I don't think my skirt is quite as full as hers, it provides a great example of how a simple underbustle will look.

Check it out:


Blogger Michelle said...

Thanks for stopping by my page! I just started it but I will be keeping it updated often. So come back and visit.

Oh by the way, I love the bridesmaid's dresses from PrincessLizzie's bio. They're so cute!

12:44 AM  
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