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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Mmm... cake!

We went to Phoenix last weekend to choose a bakery for our wedding cake and tasted at three place. It was super yummy so I thought I'd share our experience:
Honeymoon Sweets - This was the bakery recommended by my caterer and has a good reputation (to the best of my knowledge). We tried their cake and it was very good. Both their buttercream and whipped cream icings were excellent, but my finance thought their cake was a little dry. We want a chocolate iced cake for our wedding and they told us the only way to do this is to pay $7 per serving for ganache icing. Ack! Waaaaay out of our price range. They also wanted $50 for delivery. Not the place for us.
Bamboo Bakery - The guy we met with at this place was very nice and accommodating. He gave us lots of different flavors to try and we loved their whipped cream frosting, but their buttercream was NASTY. They were able to make any of their frostings chocolate flavored, unlike Honeymoon Sweets, and only wanted about $4.25 per serving for ganache icing. My fiance gave a thumbs up for their cake moistness. We were fairly satisfied but are now glad that we kept looking.
In Pockets Bakery (Chandler) - This bakery is much smaller than the others as they only make about 4 wedding cakes per weekend and don't freeze any ingredients or cake layers. They also would give us 4 cake layers instead of the 3 offered by the other bakerys for our 100 guests. In addition, they let us choose unlimited flavors and fillings for the cake at no extra charge. (The other places only allowed two flavors and two fillings.) Their cake was excellent and they gave us a ton of flavors to sample. The best part? They only want $3.25 per person with a $15 delivery fee for a cake with ganache icing. This was our choice in the end. The most cake and options for the least money and the cake was super YUMMY! :)
Such fun!!! :)


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