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Monday, September 11, 2006

Fun with favors! :)

I had fun tonight working on the labels for our wedding favors. Here's what we've come up with thus far:

The two bottles with the labels affixed are shown above. I designed the labels in photoshop, printed them on cream cardstock on our home printer, and affixed them to the bottles using spray adhesive. It was pretty easy to do. I also want to add a little thank you note on a slip tied to the neck of the bottle using raffia.

For Better (the Orange Blossom Mead) Label:

For Worse (Imperial Stout) Label: Now we need to figure out what we want to do for a kiddie favor. I think we'll probably end up doing rootbeer or another soda in clear bottles with a label that reads, "For Kids: and kids at heart." I think that will go well with our "For Better or For Worse" favor theme we have going on.


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