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Monday, September 18, 2006

Hair Brooch & Veil

I've been doing a little online shopping and just recently bought a hair brooch and a veil for the wedding. I really like the pearls on the brooch and hope the crystals will provide just a little shine.
I also bought a veil online. I got one with a single layer since I don't intend to wear a blusher, but instead got extra fullness with 108" in width. I also got a 1/8" satin ribbon edge so it has a little definition from my tulle skirt. It was a really good price at $12.99 in case I change my mind, is diamond white, and is attached to a metal comb. I hope the quality is as good as the reviews the company gets. I'll take pictures with my dress at my next fitting, the first weekend in October. Very very exciting! :)


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